About Us

Hello and welcome to BIO TEC CO.,

BIO TEC Co. started business in 1994 at Alexandria, EGYPT, 
BIO TEC Co. Are specialist in design and manufacture. 
As well as sales of IVD products from our own factory and our worldwide suppliers in local and international markets. 
The quality system tailored and implemented by BIO TEC co., has been certified according the international standards ISO 13485:2016.
BIO TEC Co. believe in high quality products and first-class customer service. 
BIO TEC Co. strive to deliver the best products at the most affordable prices, and ship them to you regardless where you are located. 
BIO TEC Co. always put our customers’ wishes first. That is why we gain customers delight in our domestic and international markets, to be a part of the IVD industry locally and globally.


BIO TEC Co.  official vision is to provide functionally optimized and efficient types of equipment and reagent solutions to the clinical laboratories nationally and globally by putting our Egyptian fingerprint.

BIO TEC Co. mission is to be the most successful clinical laboratory instruments and reagents supplier in the world by delivering the best solutions in all markets
BIO TEC Co. serve as a Manufacturer or exclusive agent. By doing so, 
BIO TEC Co. will provide:
* Customer delighting
* Highest quality
* Competitive pricing
* Best-in-class support
* Customization capability
* Potential promising future



The trust of our customers is very important. BIO TEC Co. renew that trust with every request or order by our honestly response.


BIO TEC Co. respect our customers by trying our best to stay up to date with the needs of the health care market.
BIO TEC Co. also respect our competitors and work a fair play with them in the market.
BIO TEC Co. first aim is to help each other to achieve our target. BIO TEC Co. believe that we are one family, one team with one vision and our goal should be achieved by our cooperation.
BIO TEC Co. aim to be the best in the IVD market and gain customers delight. 
BIO TEC Co. set the standard procedures in every part of our company and follow up the steps to achieve our target.