Size: 2 x 30       Test/Kits: 60

Size: 5 x 20       Test/Kits: 100

ALP reagent is intended for the in vitro quantitative determination of alkaline phosphatase in serum and plasma on both automated and manual systems.

Liquid ready-to-use reagents
Alkaline Phosphates reagent comes in a liquid format which is more convenient, and can also help reduce the risk of misdiagnosis.

When run as recommended, the assay is linear up to 900 U/l or 15 mkat/l.
If result exceeds 900 U/l or 15 mkat/l, specimen should be diluted 1+5 with 0.9% NaCl solution and reassayed. Multiply the result by 6. 

Excellent sensitivity
The sensitivity is defined as the lower detection limit represents the lowest measurable ALP activity that can be distinguished from zero.
When run as recommended the sensitivity of this assay is 5 U/l or 0.08 mkat/l).

Other features:
Kinetic method
Liquid and lyophilised reagents available
Stable to expiry when stored at 2-8◦C

ALK. Phosphates-kinetic

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