KD-3398 Fully Automated Microtome

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◆ This machine uses a streamlined design, with advanced features, stable and reliable performance and ease of use;

◆ The feeding system uses an intelligent control mechanism; enabling quick switching between manual or automated smart sectioning modes; automatic slicing speed is adjustable;

◆ Advanced drive systems and multiple functions including sectioning, trimming, fast forward, fast backward, quick mode conversion including automatic retraction;

◆ Incorporates an international advanced screw motion mechanism to ensure precision, thus achieving superior sectioning performance;

◆ Pure-green digital display of slice thickness, trimming thickness, slice count and slice speed;

◆ Trimming and slicing are operated under a control system, and can be switched easily. The automated slicing controller can be equipped at either the left or right side; when automated slicing controller is off, semi-auto slicing or trimming can still be performed;

◆ Automatic sectioning speed is continuously adjustable

◆ With safety and emergency braking systems, security alarm systems, driver overload protection and an auto-sleep protection system;

◆ Features easy and fast switching between different specimen clamps (two options: paraffin block clamp and cassette clamp);

◆ Hand-wheel balance is precisely adjusted and can be locked at any position to ensure safety of operation;

◆ Blade holder can be laterally moved to avoid moving the blade with direct contact, thereby enabling use of the entire length of the blade. (three different segments);

◆ The red protection bar on the blade holder covers the whole length of blade to protect the user and the push bar enables easy changing of the blade;

◆ Hand-wheel balance is precisely adjusted and can be locked at any position to ensure the safety and convenience of sectioning;

◆ Large-volume waste tray is easy to remove, and items such as deposable blades can be stored on the top of the housing.

Technical Specifications

◆ Section Thickness Setting Range: 0.25—100μm

0.25—2.5μm   increment 0.25μm

2.5—5μm     increment 0.5μm

5.0—10μm    increment 1μm

10—30μm    increment 2μm

30—60μm    increment 5μm

60—100μm   increment 10μm

◆ Trimming Thickness Setting Range: 1—600μm

1—10μm      increment 1μm

010—020μm   increment 2μm

020—050μm   increment 5μm

050—150μm   increment 10μm

150—600μm   increment 50μm

◆  Retraction Setting Range: 0—50μm  ( 0 is off )

                             5-10-15—50 (optional)

◆ Horizontal Feed: 25mm

◆ Vertical Specimen Stroke: 70mm

◆ Specimen Holder Rotation: at any angle within 360 degrees

◆ Movement Range of the Base of Specimen Holder: 65mm (front to back)

◆ Movement Range of the Blade Press plate: ±20mm

◆ Specimen Clamp Rotation: at any angle within 360 degrees

◆ Specimen Orientation: XY – 8°

◆ Minimum Setting of Sectioning Thickness: 0.25μm

◆ Maximum Specimen Size:70×70mm

◆ Precision Error: ±1%

◆ Working Voltage: AC 220V±10% 50Hz (standard model); AC110V±10% 60Hz

◆ Power: 150W

◆ Dimensions: 580× 475× 340mm(W×D×H)

◆ Net Weight: 40kg