Water distiller

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– Modern all-in-one design.

– Low cost, comparing to competitors and distiller.

– Electronic leakage- proof safety system.

-Thermostatic low-water cut-off safety system.

– Easily accessed evaporator, condenser-tank for effortless maintenance (cleaning, etc..)

– Easily replaceable condenser.

– Easily accessible control unit with possibility to be replaced without disassembling the distiller itself.

– All parts for installation included (ready for use out of the box).

– Modern all-in-one design.

Distillate water production (capacity) 4-5 liters per hour
Water consumption 70 liters per hour                                                                                                    (17.5 liter per 1 liter of distillate)
Energy consumption 0.75 KW/h per 1 liter of distillate

(3 KW per hour)

Distillate conductivity 2,5µS/cm

(depends on quality of incoming Water)

Material Stainless steel
Weight 8 kg
    Power supply 230 Volts/50-60 Hz, 3 Kw, single phase