Chemistry Analyzer semi-Automatic sca1000

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• Windows CE.NET Operation System and powerful software
• 7″ TFT adjustable LCD display, touch screen available (optional) .
• Tow holder for cuvette/flow cell .
• Peltier temperature control .
• 8 positions filter wheel ,7 filters (340nm-1000nm) plus 1 free position .
• measuring End point, Kinetics, Two points Kinetic and Absorbance .
• large memory up to 200 test programs and over 100,000 test results.
• Optics 340.,405.,505.,546.,578.,620.,670 nm, one more optional filter
• Light source Halogen lamb.

Optics 340,405,505,546,578,620,670 nm one more optional filter
Light source Halogen lamp.
Resolution 0.001 Abs
Photometric range 0.000-3.000 Abs
Stability of absorbency Changes 5 0.005 Abs per hour
Repeatability CV<50.5%
Carry Over <1%
Linearity r>0.999
Flow cell 30 l with peltier temperature control (25,30,37 °C)
Memory 200 test programs and over 10.000 test results
Display screen 7″ TFT color LCD display, touch screen (optional)
Printer built-In thermal printer
Data communication RS-232,SD card and USB
CPU High speed embedded processor
Power Supply AC100-250V,50/60±1Hz
Weight 7 kg
Dimension 420(L) x310(W)x152(1-1)