Automatic Slide Stainer

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Tissue Slide Stainer is essential in doing the pathological research, this instrument is designed for saving the fussy process of manual tissue staining.


  • High-definition & sensitive of touch LCD

  • Unique design for staining process

  • Flexible transmission, noiseless.

  • Intellectualized infall, outfall & drainage system.

  • Special staining shelf loading with decades of specimen slides

  • Streaming water cleaning & tissue roasting function.

Technical specifications:

  • Reagent containers: 12.

  • One cleaning bath (the 9th one).

  • One roasting bath (the 1st one).

  • Processing time of each container: 1 s – 59 min and 59 s.

  • Capacity of containers: 1L, specimen process: 40 slides. (2L, specimen process: 80 slides, optional).

  • Working voltage: 110/220 VAC, frequency: 50/60Hz, Power: 1000 W.

  • Overall dimensions: 1130 x 460 x 400 mm (LxWxD), weight: 85 kg.